Map of Beartooth National Scenic Byway

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Biking Photos (14K)Location: Beartooth National Scenic Byway
Type: Road Ride
Rating: Experienced
Mileage: 65miles

This straightforward ride begins and ends on U.S. Highway 212 and never deviates from that road, so finding your way is no problem. Yet negotiating the Beartooth National Scenic Byway is no picnic: You begin riding at around 7,600 feet in elevation and top out at almost 11,000 feet.

Although the road’s apex is in Wyoming, the Montana section is still high enough to make it the loftiest highway in all of the mountain-filled Big Sky State. It is also one of the most spectacular roadways on the North American continent. Cooke City, where the ride begins, is strictly a tourist town and Red Lodge, at ride’s end, is primarily one, too, so expect to find all services in both communities.