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Wherever you are in Montana, there’s a place where you can pitch a tent

Conveniences like picnic tables, bathrooms and water pumps make the developed sites in our national forests and state parks handy for spur-of-the-moment overnights. You can look for these amenities ahead of time, right here. If you plan to camp in Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, be sure to stay in a designated site, or stop by the ranger station to get a backcountry permit.

Exotic insects and diseases are a major threat to trees, forests, and wildlife habitat. Tree-killing species like emerald ash borer and Asian longhorned beetle can't move far on their own, but they can jump hundreds of miles when people move firewood.

To protect Montana's natural resources:

  • Do not bring firewood into montana
  • Burn Locally Cut Firewood
  • Encourage Fellow Outdoorsmen
  • Not to Move Firewood

If you have already brought firewood from out of state:

  • Burn it completely
  • Do not leave it
  • Do not take it home with you
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