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C. M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge


It's a known fact you should always hide treasure in a place that's hard to get to. And there may be no greater national treasure than the C.M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge—a million-acre expanse of grass and wetlands playing host to antelope, mule deer and the last herd of elk to reside on its native prairie all year long. 200 different species of birds can be spotted here along with 45 different species of mammals and countless reptiles and fish.

It is a refuge of truly staggering proportions offering excellent paddlefishing opportunities. But that's only one element of the riches. Throughout the landscape, history is laid bare for those who make the journey. Abandoned homestead buildings, wagon wheel ruts, buffalo kill sites and tepee rings remain to bear testament to events of the past. A twenty-minute driving tour is accessible from I-191 approaching from Lewistown. It is a good way to begin your exploration of this amazing part of Montana.

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