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Yellowstone National Park Video Series

Explore each of the varied areas that make up America’s first National Park through our eight-part video series. Each downloadable segment will guide visitors through the best areas to explore and reveal a little local knowledge. A downloadable map is available to accompany the videos.

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Entering the Park from the North entrance offers a fittingly impressive prelude to the sights you are about to experience. Passing through the Roosevelt Arch and making your way down to Mammoth, there can be little doubt that you have entered a place that is indeed a national treasure.

Historic Extra

At one time, most Park visitors arrived by train and the railroad company they traveled with depended on what park entrance they were coming in. To begin their park adventure from West Yellowstone, a traveler would have taken the Union Pacific. If visitors were coming through Bozeman, they would utilize the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad arriving at the Gallatin Gateway Inn in Salesville (now Gallatin Gateway), Montana. The railroad most closely associated with Yellowstone in those days was the Northern Pacific. Its riders departed to begin their adventure here in Gardiner, Montana.

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