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Yellowstone National Park Video Series

Explore each of the varied areas that make up America’s first National Park through our eight-part video series. Each downloadable segment will guide visitors through the best areas to explore and reveal a little local knowledge. A downloadable map is available to accompany the videos.

Download video PART 6       


This section, through the Lamar Valley, is a hotbed of wildlife activity. From bears and elk to bison and wolves, this is your best chance to make visual contact with the residents of Yellowstone. With Slough Creek and the Lamar River, there are some great chances to make contact with a few fish as well.

Historic Extra

The historic remnants of the Lamar Buffalo Ranch remind us of the efforts involved to protect this special place and its wildlife inhabitants. Created in the early 1900s to protect and preserve Yellowstone’s shrinking bison herd, the ranch spent fifty years tirelessly working to achieve the success we all enjoy today.

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