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Glacier National Park Video Series

Explore each of the varied areas that make up the world's first International Peace Park through our seven-part video series. Each downloadable segment will guide visitors through the best areas to explore and reveal a little local knowledge. A downloadable map is available to accompany the videos.

    Video series

    West Glacier to Logan Pass Part 1

    Logan Pass to Saint Mary Part 2

    Many Glacier Area Part 3

    Two Medicine Lake Area Part 4

    The Symbolic Red Buses Part 5

    Going-to-the-Sun Road Part 6

    Native Blackfeet Culture Part 7

Download video PART 7    


The Blackfeet tribe, like most indigenous cultures, is rich with stories connected to the land. Their spiritual connection to Glacier National Park is evident in how they refer to the mountains in this area as the “Backbone of the World.”

Extra Insight

One legend holds that the origin of the Blackfeet name is a reference to the blackened soles of their moccasins from walking across the burned prairies.

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