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White-tailed Deer

Guess the tail color of white-tailed deer. That's right: white. In fact, you'll get a clear look at their white tails whenever you see them running; they flag their tails back and forth as they bound away.

White-tailed Deer
Odocoileus virginianus

Ordinarily, white-tails live in the river valleys and creek bottoms, feeding on the bushes and trees that grow there. They are shy and secretive--so much so that you might walk right by one and never know. Their elusive nature has helped them adapt to sharing their habitat with people. Preferring to stay in their home range, white-tailed deer rarely migrate far from their favorite feeding areas.

The antlers of white-tailed bucks branch upward and form a tight 'basket' above their heads. Twin fawns are common, and they are a reddish color camouflaged with white spots. White-tailed deer are found all over Montana, wherever there are creeks or rivers. White-tails are somewhat nocturnal, so the best time of day to catch a glimpse of them is at dusk when they move out of the cover to feed.