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Surprised? Montana is a land of many surprises, and the presence of pelicans is one of them. Despite being known as seafaring birds, Montana is actually home to a large population of them. In fact, these big birds make themselves right at home on Montana's rivers and reservoirs. They are social birds, so you'll rarely see one alone; they live together in large colonies and often help each other fish. They are nearly voiceless, and are the world's largest web-footed birds.

American White Pelican
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos

Pelicans (specifically, american white pelicans) weigh about sixteen pounds, and around five feet long; their wingspan reaches eight to ten feet. But of course, their most distinctive feature is the large pouch attached to the bottom of their bills. In spite of what many people think, pelicans don't use this pouch to store food; they use it for fishing. The pouch acts as a "scoop" to catch small fish; the fish are then swallowed