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Two Moon Park Billings

Biking Photos (14K)Location: Billings
Type: Mountain Bike
Rating: Easy/Family
Mileage: Varies, 2 to 5 miles

Two Moon Park (Yellowstone County) contains several narrow, gravel-surfaced trails that wind through stands of cottonwoods above and beside the storied Yellowstone River. The trails - Roche Jeune, Dull Knife, Mallard and Weeping Wall - can be linked together in various ways to come up with a number of do-it-yourself of loops and out-and-backs. The area is popular among hikers and birders, so please yield trail when appropriate. The park also holds some pleasant picnic sites overlooking the Yellowstone.

At the Two Moon Park entrance you can jump onto the paved Dutcher Trail (shown above), which from there winds down to the Yellowstone then upstream to Coulson Park.

ay be seen, especially when riding early or late in the day.