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Red Rocks Lake Wildlife Refuge

Biking Photos (14K)Location: Near Monida Pass
Type: Mountain Bike ride
Rating: Easy
Mileage: 17 miles

This 17-mile easy ride along a stretch of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route begins in the tiny "town" of Lakeview, most notable as the location of the headquarters of Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. It penetrates one of the least visited, yet most scenic major valleys of the northern Rockies. The road surfaces are of hardened gravel, which remains in good riding condition even when wet.

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1935, primarily to help rescue the trumpeter swan, which at the time was in imminent danger of becoming extinct. Today at the refuge you'll likely see trumpeters and many other sorts of waterfowl, raptors and songbirds. There's also a chance of spotting moose, deer, elk and pronghorns.