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Montana Recipes

With big and delicious flavors like huckleberries, trout and venison it's easy to see how Montanan's have developed some mouthwatering dishes. This collection of recipes reflects those ingredients and a few other flavors found across our state.

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Montana Culinary Excellence Award

Nine chefs were selected to participate in the Montana Chef Competition for the Culinary Excellence Award, which was sponsored by the Montana Department of Agriculture to promote the use of Montana ingredients at fine dining restaurants. Food samples were prepared on the site and judged by a panel of local and national chefs and restaurant brokers.

A total of nine recipes were selected for the Gold Class, Silver Class and Bronze Class awards in the Appetizer, Main Dish and Dessert categories. Click on the links below for more information and for the recipes developed with Montana products from the Montana Chef Competition.

Montana Culinary Excellence Award Information

Montana Culinary Excellence Award Recipes