Pushed Blanket | Chinook, Montana


    Todd Klassy

    Raised on a farm, Todd sold his house, shuttered his business, and moved to Montana to fulfillhis dream of photographing the back roads and hidden corners of Montana and the American West. An admirer of iconic symbols of American culture, Todd spends much of his time making photographs of the remote, anonymous landmarks that dot Montana's landscape. Todd's photographs show his fondness for eastern Montana where he finds many of the old abandoned homesteads, churches, schoolhouses, and grain elevators that distinguish his photographs. Todd also spends much of his time photographing Montana's cowboys, Native American Indians, and railroad workers, whose culture and traditional way of life is threatened by the hands of time. Todd lives in Havre, but considers the gravel roads of Montana his home as he travels from one corner of the state to the other seeking interesting stories to capture with his camera. His photos have been published in Montana Magazine, Popular Photography, Newsweek, People, Sports Illustrated, and many other publications, newspapers, websites, calendars and books. Todd is available for contract work, his images are available for purchase as prints, and his work can be licensed for commercial use.

      website: www.toddklassy.com

    Flickr: flickr.com/photos/latitudes


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