John Reddy

    John Reddy has photographed landscapes in Montana and elsewhere since 1974. John earned a B.S. in photography from Montana State University’s Film & TV Department and subsequently lectured there for two years. His work has been extensively published in Montana & around the country. John’s pictures appear regularly in Montana Magazine and have been seen in Popular Photography, American Heritage, Sunset, Montana Living, Men’s Journal, National Geographic Books, Outside, American Photo, Smithsonian Guide to Historic America and many other publications.

    John’s photography is featured in the Compass American Guide(Fodor’s) book, MONTANA , available in bookstores throughout the U.S. Recently published are the coffee table books with Chuck Haney, “WILD and BEAUTIFUL MONTANA” , “WILD and BEAUTIFUL GLACIER” , and “WILD and BEAUTIFUL MONTANA II.” A soft cover book, “GLACIER IMPRESSIONS” is also now available. John conducts yearly workshops in Glacier National Park and is affiliated with POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY/AMERICAN PHOTO Mentor Series of workshops. He has taught photo workshops in Montana, Wyoming, Texas and Fiji. He is represented in Japan by AFLO and in the U.S. by PANORAMIC IMAGES. John has commercial clients, but prefers working outdoors. His tools for landscape photography are a Linhof Technika 4X5 camera, a Hasselblad XPAN panoramic camera and Nikon 35mm cameras.



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