Allen Russell

    Allen Russell photographs what he knows best, "Life in the American West". Although he has traveled and photographed the World, Allen has always made "The American West" home and knows it intimately. His life experiences and knowledge, in addition to photography, include: horse trainer, a one man/one horse ride from Canada to Mexico down The Rocky Mountains, big game outfitter and guide, rancher and back roads wanderer and wonderer.

    Allen's work is based on his belief that "real life" is stranger and more interesting than fiction. The American West is much more than just a place, it is a feeling, an attitude, a mood, a way of being. Allen's models are “real people” and animals doing what comes naturally. All aspects of The West are captured but Allen is especially interested in unique people and critters at work and play. Allen lives and works out of his ranch west of Livingston, Montana.

    His photographs have been used extensively worldwide by major Advertising, Corporate and Editorial clients and personal collections.




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