Three Swans | Nelson's Spring Creek near Livingston 

    Craig W. Hergert

     Montana Panoramic an ongoing collection of unique photographs by Craig W. Hergert. Beginning in 1997, this collection of vast landscapes, mountain ranges, rivers, parks, towns, wildlife, hunting and fishing images from all over the great state of Montana has grown to thousands of images, and continues to grow each day. Craig is a freelance photographer whose work is currently on display in several art galleries and businesses throughout Montana, including his studio & gallery in Bozeman, and in private collections all over the world.   He has lived in Montana for the last 19 years chasing light and exploring the landscape, and when not out wandering around capturing more images, he makes his home in Bozeman with his wife Julie, two sons Carl and Flynn, and one crazy old German Shorthair Pointer named Henry.

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